Public Agenda
TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 12/13/2023 TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: School Board Rooms: 797 Westminster Street, Providence, RI; 3rd Floor
Regular Board Meeting
1.0 Convene Meeting
1.1 Call to Order Action
1.2 Pledge of Allegiance Info
1.3 Roll Call Info
1.4 Superintendent's Comments Info
2.0 Approve Agenda
2.1 Approval of the Agenda Action
3.0 Consent Agenda Action
3.1 Approval of Consent Agenda Action
3.2 Approval of Minutes- November 15, 2023 Action
4.0 Recognitions
4.1 Retirement Presentation Info
4.2 PPSD Recognition Awards Info
5.0 Public Comments
5.1 Public Comment - Right to Be Heard Info
6.0 School Board Member Comments
6.1 School Board Comments Info
7.0 School Board Committee Updates
7.1 Policy Committee Info
7.2 Finance Committee Info
7.3 Health & Wellness Committee Info
7.4 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Info
7.5 School Building Committee Updates Info
8.0 Action Items
8.1 Review of Homeschool Candidates Info/Action
9.0 Policy and Planning
9.1 CTE Admissions (Final Read and Adoption) Action
9.2 CTE Work Based Learning Policy (Final Read and Adoption) Action
9.3 Student Incident Communication Policy (Final Read and Adoption) Action
9.4 School Board Code of Conduct (First Read) Action
10.0 Report on Contracts
10.1 Instructure Action
10.2 Partners Technology Action
11.0 Presentations
11.1 FY 25 Budget Process Update Info
12.0 Executive Session
12.1 Executive Session Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws Sec. ยงยง42-46-4 and 42-46-5(a)(1) Teacher Termination Action
13.0 Report on Executive Session Votes
13.1 Report on Executive Session Votes Info
14.0 Adjourn
14.1 Adjourn Meeting Action
Next Career and Technical Education (CTE) is December 18, 2023.